AIP Fire Control Unit for AEGs

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Type: Fire-Control MOSFET Device
Manufacturer: Jag Precision
Compatibility: AEGs with high-voltage batteries


  • Device prevents premature wear and tear on AEG motors
  • Send power directly to motor, and not through the trigger
  • Programmable burst function from 2-12 shots
  • Increases trigger response time and rate of fire


  • Not necessary for AEGs running on low voltage, Ni-MH batteries
  • Upgrade may be complicated to install for beginners

Comments: The AIP Fire Control Unit for AEGs is a smart upgrade for weapons running on high-voltage LiPo batteries. The MOSFET device works by directing power straight from the battery to the motor. Without this upgrade, power goes through the trigger, which can cause harmful damage and wear on the trigger wiring. This fire-control device lowers internal resistance and improves trigger response times. A programmable burst function is also included.

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