Gletcher UZM CO2 Blowback Steel BB gun

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Type: BB Pistol
Manufacturer: Umarex
Model: UZI Carbine
Materials: Full Metal
Weight: 2177 g (4.8 lb)
Barrel: Metal, Smoothbore
Power Source: CO2 x1
Action: Semi-Automatic, Blowback, Single Action Only
Ammo Type: 4.5mm Steel BBs
Ammo Capacity: 25 Rounds
FPS: 344

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull is very light with an easy break.

Accuracy: Very good, even with all the heavy blowback recoil!

Build Quality: Excellent, with a good amount of metal construction, good weight and craftsmanship with good fit and finish. Much of the gun is made out of metal with the exception of some of the outer receiver and grips.

Realism: This is a very close replica of the actual real steel with many of the same markings in all the right places, It's hard to find any real differences other than the fact that it shoots 4.5mm BB's and has a bit more plastic.


  • Extremely realistic airgun replica of the Mini UZI
  • Metal construction where it counts
  • Would make an excellent training gun as it functions just like a real Mini UZI
  • Blowback action is incredibly firm (more than a rimfire 22 cal.) adding to the realism of shooting this weapon
  • Can be easily field striped
  • Can be easily modified to fire in either Semi Auto or Full Auto by removing one small plastic blockage
  • Very useful metal folding stock


  • It goes through CO2 very fast
  • When the magazine is empty, the slide bolt does not stay open and the gun will continue to fire wasting CO2
  • Some of the outer materials are plastic, would have been nice if they too where metal construction

Comments: This is a really nice blowback BB gun. Although it is advertised on many websites as being all metal, it does have some plastic outer parts, but the parts that get the most wear and tear are made out of metal. That aside, the Umarex UZI Carbine is pretty much an exact copy of the real Mini UZI with many of the same markings as the original. One feature that makes it feel even more genuine is the very heavy blow back recoil, it is alarming at first and I would even say it has more recoil than a rim fire 22 cal. gun does. It only comes in a semi auto version but all Umarex did to inhibit full auto mode was to simply add a plastic nub that stops the fire selector switch from being selected to full auto. Once this plastic nub is removed, full auto mode is resorted. This well-made BB gun is a bit pricy but you get a lot of gun for your money!

Compatible magazine: KWCKMB-07HN-MAG

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