Cybergun X7 NiMH Battery Smart Charger

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Type: NiMH Smart Charger
Manufacturer: Cybergun
Max Output: 20W
Input Voltage: AC 110V-240V
Balance Current Charger: 2A
Case Material: plastic
Display: Green and red LED lights


  • Protects against harmful overcharging
  • Quick and simple way to charge NiMH batteries for your AEG
  • Built-in LED lights display the status of your battery
  • Compact and lightweight size


  • Lacks a display screen
  • Not compatible with LiPo batteries

Comments: Recharging is made simple with the Cybergun X7 NiMH Battery Smart Charger. This compact accessory is designed to quickly and safely charge 5-8 Cell NiMH batteries for your AEG. Red and green LED lights display the status of the battery, ensuring that harmful overcharging will not occur. A power cord is included.

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