Synco G1 (A2) Wireless Microphone Set Review

(41 raters) 835 views - 3/27/2021 - Synco G1 (A2) Wireless Microphone Set Review:

As with most of the new tech I purchase or acquire that I will be using in my YouTube Videos for either my GetFitOver40 or ReplicaAirguns YouTube channels, I generally like to do some sort of a practical review for the item. In this case I take a look at the Synco G1 (A2) Wireless Microphone Set which is a pair of wireless transmitters that pair with a single dedicated receiver allowing me to quickly and easily capture good quality audio for my YouTube Videos.

For the past couple of years my go to microphone setup for my YouTube Video was to use a generic lapel mic connected to my Samsung Galaxy Smartphone recording into an audio program. I would then send the audio file via dropbox to my computer where I would then line up the audio file with the video file in my video editing software to get a much higher quality and more clear voice recording versus what the camera mic would be able to capture...

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