Shipping Container Project - Insulation and Drywall Installed

(205 raters) 21,047 views - 5/2/2017
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About three weeks ago I started the interior construction of the Shipping Container Project. So far I have cut out the window and door, framed the office in, installed the window and door, done some preliminary painting, wired in electricity for the entire unit, added an internet line, run underground wiring to the main house, installed insulation and vapor barrier and last but not least, added the drywall. I would have to say the worst is over and now I look forward to more of the finishing work like painting, flooring, connecting the electrical plugs and lighting fixtures.

The only real big jobs left to do would be painting the outside of the Sea Can and spray foam insulating the shooting range area but the spray foaming I will be contracting out and getting it done professionally so that part will be easy at least!

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