2019 Replica Airguns Halloween Contest Giveaway

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http://www.ReplicaAirguns.com - 2019 Replica Airguns Halloween Contest Giveaway:

There are two parts to they video, the Halloween Costume Contest and what’s going on next week so make sure to watch it all…

Part 1 - 2019 Replica Airguns Halloween Contest Giveaway
-Contest Rules:
-Must be 18+ to receive a prize.
-Canada & US winners only.
-Halloween Costumes must have a weapon of some sort in them.
-Must post a Halloween costume video to your YouTube channel.
-Your video must be named "2019 Replica Airguns Halloween Contest Giveaway".
-November 9th is the deadline date for you to get your video in.
-Must post a comment in this video letting me know you have a video for me.
-Must be a subscriber to the Replica Airguns channel.
-Must like this video

1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes Awarded:

-Crosman Bushmaster Full Auto BB Rifle:

-KWC 24/7 Blowback BB Airsoft Pistol:

-Umarex Legends Makarov NBB BB Pistol:

What’s going on next week?

I will be away competing in a Body Building Fitness Contest so there will not be any more videos that week.

You may have noticed I have been withering away this past couple of months. This is in preparation for a Fitness Contest I am going into. For a show like this you need to be super lean to be competitive.

I have been competing since 2015 mainly in Men’s Physique and have qualified myself over the years to compete at the National level in Amateur Body Building.

The competition I am going to is the GNC / ALLMAX Canadian National Pro Qualifier in Toronto. If I do really well I can possibly get an IFBB Pro Card. Getting an IFBB Pro Card means I would now be able to compete in Pro Body Building competitions.

In order to win the Pro Card I would need to win my hight class and then win the overalls against the other winners in their hight class.

To date I have come close to winning the IFFB Pro Card but just missed it on two occasions. I am hoping to get the IFBB Pro Card this times around but I know the competition will be very competitive.