50 Rounds 9mm P.A.K. Blanks

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9mm PAK blanks are made for blank pistols and can be used for replicating the firing of a real steel gun. Firing one of these rounds will produce a loud sound and a realistic flash, making for excellent substitutes as live ammunition in movies, reenactments, and ceremonies.


  • Caliber: 9mm PAK
  • Type: Blank Firing Cartridge
  • No Projectile
  • For use with 9mm PAK Blank firing replica's only
  • 50 Rounds per Box

Buy the Gun: WHB1H1-FF-2918, WHB2G1-FF-A914, WHB4F2-FF-914, WHB5F2-FF-R125S, WHB5F2-FF-R23, WHB2G1-FF-918, WHB3G2-FF-906

Options:Walther - Brass PlatedMAXXTech - Zinc Plated

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