Pellet Ammo

At Replica Airguns we carry a wide variety of pellet gun ammunition from premium brands like RWS, Daisy, and Winchester. Experiment with different pellet weight, size, and shapes to maximize your shooting experience!

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Which pellets are right for your gun?

With so many pellet shapes and sizes available, it can be hard to choose! Check out our product reviews to see what other customers are saying. You can also contact us if you have questions about pellet gun ammo.

Pellet Caliber

Our pellets come in two calibers with a variety of different weights. Most CO2 powered guns fire .177 rounds, while larger spring-piston rifles fire .22 rounds. Heavier pellets have superior accuracy, but require a gun with powerful muzzle velocity.

Pellet Shape

Pellets are available with different shapes to achieve different results.

  • Wadcutter or flatnose pellets are best suited for close-range target practice.
  • Domed pellets have the most aerodynamic design and are most often used in competetions.
  • Pointed pellets have greater penetration strength and will sink deeper into your taret.
  • Hollow point pellets are designed for small game hunting and have a shrapnel effect on impact.

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