EKOL MVP Major Front Firing Black Blank Gun

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Type: Blank Guns
Manufacturer: EKOL
Model: MVP Major
Materials: Mostly metal
Weight: 1.25 pounds (567 g)
Length: 6.5 inches (165 mm)
Power Source: Gun powder
Action: Semi-automatic, single action
Ammo Type: 9mm PAK blanks
Ammo Capacity: 7+1 rounds

Trigger Pull: The EKOL Major is single action only, the trigger pull is relatively light as would be expected.

Build Quality: The build quality is similar to that of my Zoraki blank guns. The EKOL Major is well built and uses good quality materials, this gun is almost all metal. The finish quality is typical of other Turkish guns - good but not perfect. I can't say I like the grips all that much as they are a bit shiny, but they do the job and aren't too brittle or anything. The gun seems solid and the fit and finish are also respectable.

Realism: The EKOL Major is a copy of the Walther PPK pistol most notoriously used by Agent 007 in many of the early James Bond movies. It is a fairly accurate PPK copy other than the magazine release which on the EKOL Major is located on the bottom of the handle just behind the magazine, whereas on the real Walther PPK it is located on the left side of the frame just behind the trigger.


  • If you're a James Bond fan, would make a great addition to your 007 collection
  • Performed well - no loading, ejecting or misfires
  • Even though it's small it still can take 7+1 rounds of 9mm P.A.K. ammo
  • One of the lower priced blank guns


  • Magazine ejector is on the bottom and not the side like a real PPK, but it's still effective
  • No slide release but this is true to the original design
  • I wouldn't of minded the grips to be more of a matte finished, not a big fan of shiny grips

Comments: The EKOL Major is a nice overall 9mm P.A.K. blank shooter, it has a very simple design and the classic semi-auto compact pistol look. It is one of the easier guns to filed strip making it easy to clean if you plan on using it regularly. If you're a James Bond fan and want the Agent 007 sidearm without the hassle of actually purchasing a real Walther PPK then the EKOL Major might just be right for you.

Caliber:9 mm PAK (.35 cal)
Ammo Type:Blank
Trigger Action:Single
Material:Mostly Metal

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