Gear Stock LiPO Guard Battery Bag

Total: $5.99

Type: Battery Guard Bag
Size: 30cm x 23cm
Material: Glass Fiber


  • Helps us keep safe when we are charging, transporting or storing our LIPO batteries.
  • Lightweight and portable, easy to carry
  • Fireproof and explosion-proof, safe to use
  • Resistant to elevated temperatures
  • Greatly minimize the loss caused by the accidents.
  • Velcro closure design, easy to open and easy to close.


  • This bag is W23cm x L30cm. It can fit atleast three 2200mah 3S1P packs comfortably

Comments: This Lithium Polymer Battery Guard Bag is the safest way to charge and store your LIPOs, especially if you do not have a fireproof location to charge them. The golden rule when charging LiPo packs is to never leave them unattended, but you can improve on this by using one of these fire retardant charging bags.  So should a mishap happen, any conflagration will be contained within the bag and won’t infiltrate surrounding surfaces.

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