KWC M712 Mauser CO2 Blowback Steel BB gun

Total: $159.99

Type: BB Pistols
Manufacturer: KWC
Model: M712
Materials: Full metal
Weight: 1.42 kg (3.15 lbs)
Barrel: 127 mm (5 in), metal, non-rifled
Power Source: 12 g CO2 x 1
Action: Semi-Automatic/Full-Automatic, single-action only with full blowback
Ammo Type: 4.5 mm steel BBs
Ammo Capacity: 19 rounds
FPS: 400+

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the KWC M712 BB Gun is what you would expect from a full blowback, true single-action only pistol. It has a little bit of take-up and a fairly light, smooth release. When in full-auto mode, just press and hold the trigger until the ammo is gone. Don't hold the trigger too long though, because the gun will keep firing when the BBs run out due to the bolt not locking back when emptied.

Accuracy: It took me a while to figure out exactly where this pistol was actually shooting. Once I realized it was shooting high and I adjusted the rear sight all the way to the bottom, I started getting shots onto the paper. I did have to hold really low to get near the bullseye. Overall, the accuracy at 30 feet out was very good as I got about a 2 inch group with 10 shots. Full-auto was, as you would expect, more of a spray and pray. I was surprised by the FPS performance – I still shot well over 400 FPS on a new CO2 cartridge.

Build Quality: The pistol is well built being that it does have full metal construction. It weighs in at a whopping 3.15 pounds so be prepared for a heavier gun. You can choose to hold it two handed by using the forward magazine like a foregrip. The fit and finish looks and feels good. I really liked the dark grey finish and very believable plastic wood grain grips.

Realism: The KWC M712 BB Gun is spot on replica of the M1932/M712 Schnellfeuer with all the same working parts including the semi and full-auto selector switch. The pistol also has a full working bolt, hammer, safety, adjustable rear sight, and a full size drop out metal magazine that holds the CO2 and BBs.


  • Quick and snappy blowback action for bolt
  • Full metal construction has realistic weight and feel
  • Very high FPS and good accuracy
  • Detailed replica of the original Mauser (M1932/M712 Schnellfeuer) with all working parts
  • Short and light single-action trigger
  • Equipped with both semi-auto and full-auto firing mode
  • Comes in 4.5 mm steel BB and 6 mm airsoft


  • Bolt does not lock back on last shot
  • Seemed to shoot really high even when adjusted as low as possible
  • Blowback system and full-auto firing increases CO2 consumption

Comments: Overall, the KWC M712 BB Gun is the all-metal version we hoped Umarex had made. This one is available in both 4.5 mm steel BB and 6 mm plastic airsoft so this should make everyone pretty happy :). Other than the rather high shot placement, I really liked the KWC M712, especially the super high FPS and ultra-fast rate of fire in full-auto mode. Another must have classic war pistol to add to the collection!

Buy the magazine: GPKWCKW129

Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)
Action:Semi & Fully Automatic
FPS:350 to 400
Ammo Type:Steel BB
Power Source:Co2
Trigger Action:Single
Body Type:Broomhandle
Blowback Action:Blowback
Material:Mostly Metal
Barrel Length:4 Inch

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KWC M712 Broomhandle CO2 BB Pistol Full Auto Fun Video

KWC M712 Broomhandle CO2 BB Pistol Full Auto Fun Video

(317 raters) 34120 views - 7/29/2016 12:20:25 AM
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Here is my second instalment for this summers Full Auto Fun Videos. in this Full Auto Fun Video I shoot my KWC M712 Broomhandle CO2 BB Pistol at some more water filled Pop Cans and Clay Pigeons in Full Auto mode of course :)

Make sure to watch my other KWC M712 Broomhandle CO2 BB and Airsoft Pistol videos and keep in mind we sell both the 4.5mm Steel BB version and 6mm Airsoft Version in our Canada Replica Airgun Store.

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Buy the KWC M712 Broomhandle Full Auto CO2 Airsoft Pistol in our Canada Store:
KWC Mauser M712 Broomhandle CO2 Blowback BB and Airsoft Pistol Update Video

KWC Mauser M712 Broomhandle CO2 Blowback BB and Airsoft Pistol Update Video

(735 raters) 128977 views - 10/29/2014 9:37:47 PM - KWC Mauser M712 Broomhandle CO2 Blowback BB and Airsoft Pistol Update Video.

A while back I made a full Table Top Review and Field Test Shooting Review for my sample - pre-production KWC Mauser M712 Broomhandle CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol. Well we finally got the finished product in our Canada Replica Airguns Store and not only in the 6mm Airsoft version but also the 4.5mm Steel BB versions!

I most likely will not be doing another table top review for the KWC Mauser M712 Broomhandle CO2 Blowback BB and Airsoft Pistol since I already made a fairly comprehensive Table Top Review of my sample - pre-production Airsoft unit. The only real difference I could find visually is the markings on the left side of the receiver indicating the pistol is made by KWC in Taiwan and the Caliber it shoots.

I will however be making a side by side Field Test Shooting Comparison Video to see if the production Airsoft version shoots the same as my pre-production model and also how the 4.5mm steel BB version compares in terms of fps and accuracy side by side.

We also have magazines for both of these KWC pistols in our Canada Store!

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