The Pocket Shot Slingshot

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Type: Slingshot
Manufacturer: The Pocket Shot
Model: Pocket Shot
Materials: Polymer, Rubber
Weight: 2 oz (57 g)
Ammo Type: BBs, Paintballs, Arrows
FPS: 300-350


  • Innovative ring handle is more compact than standard Y slingshot
  • Power fin pouches automatically seat ammo in the prime firing position
  • Fires 2-3 times faster than traditional slingshots
  • Capable of firing a wide range of projectiles
  • Package includes one standard pouch and one pro pouch


  • Pouches wear out after 300-500 shots
  • Not compatible with projectiles smaller than ΒΌ-inch

Comments: Join the slingshot revolution with the Pocket Shot! This innovative projectile launcher is smaller, safer, easier to use, and faster than any standard slingshot on the market. The intuitive ring-style handle protects your hand from accidental misfires and the bungee pouch system stores ammo when not in use. This starter kit comes with one 300 FPS Standard Pouch and one 350 FPS Pro Pouch. With a broad range of accessories, the Pocket Shot can be used for paintball, target practice, small game hunting, and fishing!


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Pocket Shot Slingshot Table Top Review

Pocket Shot Slingshot Table Top Review

(206 raters) 12245 views - 2/23/2018 7:01:24 PM
Checkout my full written review over at

This is not a BB Gun Review or an Airsoft Gun review or a Pellet Gun review or a Blank Gun review or even an Accessory review? Heck it's not even a Nerf Gun review and I have even done that on this channel :)

What we have here is my first ever Sling Shot based review and even that is not the best description for the Pocket Shot but it's about as close as I can get and really the only product I can compare to the Pocket Shot is a Slingshot. Spoiler alert I think the Pocket Shot kicks but on most traditional Slingshot designs.

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Pocket Shot Slingshot Field Test Shooting Review

Pocket Shot Slingshot Field Test Shooting Review

(252 raters) 25954 views - 5/25/2018 10:25:17 PM
Also Checkout my full written Table Top Review over at

I've already made a Table Top Video Review for the Pocket Shot Slingshot so make sure to check that video review out for details on the product and some nice closeup video.

I have been wanting to get outside and test out the Pocket Shot Slingshot since I was not confident in my skills and didn't want to shoot inside the See Can Indoor Shooting Range. Well today was the day and the weather was pretty much perfect, just a little bit overcast but still warm enough for some shorts and a light shirt, my kind of weather!

The overcast lighting helped me get some good Chronograph FPS readings for the 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch Steel Ball ammo I was using for my testing. The 1/4 inch Steel Ball was around 16 grain and I was able to get an FPS reading of around 270 feet per second, this gave me a foot pound energy of 2.66 foot pounds using the 1/4 inch Steel Ammo....

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