SA177 Blowback BB gun

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$ 99.99

Total: $99.99

Type: BB air pistol
Manufacturer: Umarex
Model: SA177
Materials: Metal Slide and Polymer Frame
Weight: 1.5 pounds
Barrel: 4.1 inches, steel, non-rifled
Propulsion: CO2 x1
Action: Semi auto blowback, double action
Ammunition Type: Steel BBs 4.5mm
Ammunition Capacity: 19 rounds
FPS: 400

Trigger Pull: This gun has a heavy trigger pull, the first 3/4 of the trigger pull actuates the hammer with a noticeable click when the hammer is all the way back and ready to fire. The last part of the trigger pull is much lighter. With practice you will be able to engage the hammer and then fire the gun in a kind of simulated single action mode.

Accuracy: Medium.

Build Quality: In its price range this air gun offers good build quality and value, it feels solid and well built, even the magazine is metal.

Realism: Even though this gun is not an actual licensed copy of a Glock 17C, it does resemble one very closely. There is good detail with a cut-out ejection port, concealed CO2 cartridge, trigger safety, and realistic larger barrel opening, making this Replica Airgun look very close to the genuine Glock.


  • Well priced for what you get.
  • Metal and Polymer construction like the real Glock.
  • Would make an excellent training gun as it functions and looks much like the real Glock handgun.
  • Good realism: Cut out slide ejection port, large barrel opening, concealed CO2 with flush magazine, safety on trigger.
  • Nice fiber optic sights.
  • Has good power to CO2 usage ratio, can get around 100 shots per CO2 cartridge.
  • Picatinny rail for accessories like Laser sights and tactical lights.


  • The trigger pull is a bit heavy making accuracy somewhat hard at first, once you get used to the break point, it gets easier to shoot.
  • The slide spring is very light so the snap back is slow, it's not noticeable when you are shooting the airgun but more so when you release the slide with the slide release.

Comments: I really like this Umarex air gun mostly because they put a lot of attention into the detail making this Glock Replica Blowback BB Airgun a treat to own and shoot. Its priced right so just about anyone can own one and once you get used to the trigger break point it makes for a decently accurate action plinker.

Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)
FPS:350 to 400
Ammo Type:Steel BB
Power Source:Co2
Trigger Action:Double
Blowback Action:Blowback

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Umarex H.P.P and SA177 CO2 BB Gun Comparison/Review

Umarex H.P.P and SA177 CO2 BB Gun Comparison/Review

(282 raters) 149043 views - 7/31/2010 8:08:02 PM - Umarex H.P.P and SA177 Comparison/Review.

I received both of these Umarex blowback BB guns about a month ago and so far I have very little to complain about either of them!

Some of the specs:
-Both of them are CO2 powered
-Both of them shoot 4.5mm BB's
-Both of them have blowback action
-Both of them shoot around 400 FPS
-The H.P.P is styled after the Sig Sauer 266
-The H.P.P is mostly all metal construction
-The H.P.P has a 15 round magazine
-The SA177 is styled after the Glock
-The SA177 has a metal slide and composite frame
-The SA177 has a 19 round magazine
-The SA177 has fiber optic sights

Here is a quick summary of these airguns...
Both of these Umarex airguns are great value for the money and both shoot pretty hard and accurate for blowback styled BB guns. Both have long trigger pulls with the SA177 being a bit on the heavy side. Neither one has a very heavy blowback feel but there is enough there to make them responsive and fun to shoot.

The construction on both of these BB airguns is overall very good with the SA177 being more realistic in comparison to the H.P.P.The H.P.P tends to be a more comfortable gun to shoot because of its weighty feel in the hand and lighter trigger pull.

I highly recommend both of these air guns. If you are looking for realism then get the SA177, and if you want the better shooter of the two, get the H.P.P.

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Umarex SA177 CO2 BB Gun - Field Test

Umarex SA177 CO2 BB Gun - Field Test

(4120 raters) 1491735 views - 8/17/2010 7:39:15 AM - Umarex SA177 CO2 BB Gun Field Test

-CO2 Powered
-4.5mm Steel BB
-19 Round Magazine
-Glock Look
-Semi Auto DA
-Blowback Action
-400 FPS
-Metal and Polymer Construction

This video is a Field Test of the Umarex SA177 CO2 BB Gun. I show you the gun shooting at a target from several different views, ending on a view of the target so you can get an idea of the airguns accuracy. I also added a closeup side view slowed down to quarter speed so you can really get an idea on how the blowback action works.

The Umarex SA177 CO2 BB Gun is an excellent airgun for the money and is one of the better looking guns in this design type.

Buy the SA177 from the Canada Replica Airguns Store:

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Check out the full review on my website at:

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