Tenergy Li-Po Safety Sack - Small Bag

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Type: Battery Safety Sack
Manufacturer: Tenergy
Size: 18 cm x 22 cm
Material: Glass Fiber


  • Prevents and reduces chance of damage in the event of a LIPO battery catching fire
  • Ensures battery stays in a protected container while charging
  • Made with triple-layered flame retardant material
  • Capable of withstanding up to 2000?
  • Velcro seal design reduces airflow and oxygen
  • Meets the rigorous international standards for flammability set by UL 94


  • Measures 7x9 inches and can fit battery packs up to 6 inches long.

Comments: Tenergy Lipo Safety Sack is the safest way to charge and store your LIPOs.  The golden rule when charging LiPo packs is to never leave them unattended, but you can improve on this by using one of these fire retardant charging bags so should a mishap occur; any conflagration will be contained within the bag and won’t infiltrate surrounding surfaces.

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