Which Full Auto BB Rifle Performs Best - Full Auto Rate of Fire and Accuracy

(300 raters) 6,856 views - 3/12/2021
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This is a bit of a different test than my usual Indoor Field Test Shooting Video I make here in the Replica Airguns indoor shooting range. I don’t test the feet per second with my Chronograph, I don’t test how accurate each gun is shooting in semi auto. Instead this Full Auto BB Rifle comparisons is to find out which Full Auto BB rifle has the highest rate of fire and which one stays on target the best shooting 25 rounds in full auto, all in one burst.

The guns I use of this Full Auto BB Rifle Full Auto Rate of Fire and Accuracy Test are:

Crosman DMPS SBR Full Auto BB Rifle:

Crosman AK1 Full Auto BB Rifle:

Umarex Legends Thompson M1A1 Full Auto BB Rifle:

Umarex Legends MP Full Auto BB Rifle:

KWC Mini UZI Full Auto BB Gun:

Make sure to watch my YouTube Full Auto BB Rifle Full Auto Rate of Fire and Accuracy Comparison to see how they compare!