Webley Nemesis and G&G GPM1911 Unboxing Preview Video

(218 raters) 7,076 views - 8/26/2019
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I keep getting more and more really cool airguns to review and it’s been hard to keep up with them all and get out Table Top and Field Test videos for each new product. I at least want to be able to get the word out so to speak for some of the new Airguns that come across my tassel even if I may not be able to get to their full reviews right away.

That said I have two new Airguns that we have in our Replica Airguns Stores to show everyone, the Webley Nemesis in .177 Caliber Pellet and the G&G GPM1911 GBB Airsoft Pistol. Both could not be any more different for sure but I really like each of them for their own reasons...

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