Outside Shooting the G&G SMC-9 with Insta360 Camera Mounted to it

(187 raters) 3,979 views - 3/5/2021
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It was a decent day today, not too cold and not raining at least at the time I and ethics video :) I figured with my new Insta60 One R and iVUE Vista cameras it would be a great day to test them out outside shooting with my G&G SMC-9 Full Auto Airsoft Carbine. I like the bak for more regulated Indoor Field Tests, these outside usually clay pigeon shooting videos are a lot more fun and I think a nice break for everyone.

So in this video I have three cameras rolling and switch camera switch back and forth throughout the video to make the experience more immersive. I have cameras setup front and back (Sony RX100 IV in front & Sony HDR-AS15 Back), along with my iVUE camera glasses and my Insta360 One R mounted to the barrel of my G&G SMC-9. All in all I think the video turned out well. It may be time to upgrade my Sony Action Camera as it is probably the oldest camera in my collection and you can see in the video it does not look as good as the other cameras.

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