Cybergun Swiss Arms SA 1911 and SA 92 Stainless CO2 Blowback BB Pistol Update Video

(1072 raters) 120,859 views - 6/9/2017
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I know this video is going to excite many of you if you already like the basic KWC 1911 and PT92, also known as the Tanfoglio Witness, GSG 92 and many other almost exactly the same guns from Swiss Arms, Gletcher, Cybergun and even Umarex and Crosman.

There are tons of these KWC CO2 Blowback BB Pistols and Airsoft Pistols on the market in various versions with all kinds of different licensing on them and I have seen lots of custom modification photos from my viewers showing me how thy have striped and polished their KWC blowback Air Pistols and even added real wood grips.

That's why I think it's super cool that now you can get your already blinged out and polished Cybergun/KWC 1911 or PT92 and really for not a lot more money at the end of the day! The real problems is availability since these stainless versions are in high demand.

So what are we looking at in this video? I have two Cybergun/KWC 1911's one is a basic 1911 A1 with a parkerized and stainless frame and slide, you also have a real wood look grip (Looks like wood but is not actually wood...) The basic Swiss Arms 1911 has been called the SA 1911 Seventies Stainless Pistol while the more tactical Swiss Arms SA 1911 is rightfully called the SA 1911 Tactical Rail System since it has a lot more tactical features like a rail, ambidextrous safety, white dot sights, and tactical trigger and hammer.

The Swiss Arms SA 92 Stainless which is essentially very similar to the GSG 92 or KWC PT92 again offers a parkerized and stainless frame and slide with the simulated wood grips.

Make sure to watch my update video for these three very attractive Swiss Arms CO2 Blowback BB Pistols from Cybergun/KWC and if you're interested in purchasing one you like then see if we have them in stock in our Canada Replica Airguns Store:

Cybergun Swiss Arms SA 1911 Seventies Stainless Pistol:

Cybergun Swiss Arms SA 1911 Tactical Rail System:

Cybergun Swiss Arms SA 92 Stainless Version: