Air Venturi Springfield Armory XDM BB vs Airsoft Pistol Comparison

(201 raters) 9,202 views - 8/2/2019
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For more of a traditional Table Top Features and Specifications video for the Air Venturi Springfield Armory XDM Air Pistol, then watch my Table Top Review for the Airsoft Springfield Armory XDM here.

Since both the 6mm Airsoft and 4.5mm Steel BB Air Venturi Springfield Armory XDM’s are nearly identical with only a few exceptions, I didn’t feel it was necessary to make another almost identical Table Top Video for the Steel BB firing Air Venturi Springfield Armory XDM. Instead I want to focus mainly on the differences in this comparison video.

Watch my YouTube Video for all the main differences but in short here they are for those reading this post:

-Steel BB version uses CO2 while the Airsoft version uses Green Gas or Propane.

-There is no orange tip on the Steel BB version while Airsoft versions come with orange tips installed.

-Steel BB versions have 20 round full length magazines for both the 3.8 and 4.5 inch versions, while the Airsoft 3.8 compact comes with the shorter 14 round magazine and the Airsoft 4.5 comes with a longer 25 round magazine.

-FPS for the Steel BB versions are 270fps for the 3.8 and 325fps for the 4.5, comparably the Airsoft 3.8 is claimed to have 280fps with the 4.5 version a bit higher at 330fps. (Keep in mind that steel BB’s weigh more at around .33 grams compared to the .20 gram plastic Airsoft BB’s used for testing).

-I did notice that on the sliver slide version, my earlier Airsoft 4.5 had more of a parkerized metallic finish while my same Steel BB version I received at a later time had more of brushed stainless look to it. Air Venturi has since informed me that all silver slide version will now have the brushed stainless finish.

Watch my Air Venturi Springfield Armory XDM Airsoft Table Top Video:

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