ASG Dan Wesson 6 inch Silver & 8 Inch Black Pellet Revolver Table Top Review

(420 raters) 55,376 views - 1/10/2015 - ASG Dan Wesson 6 inch Silver & 8 Inch Black Pellet Revolver Table Top Review.

-CO2 Powered
-.177 Caliber Pellet
-6 Rounds
-Dan Wesson 357 Replicas
-Semi Auto - SA/DA
-All Metal Design
-426+ FPS
-Available at:

This video is a walkthrough review of the ASG Dan Wesson 6 inch Silver and 8 inch Gloss Black CO2 Pellet Revolvers. I show off these guns close up from all angles and point out the all metal construction and the incredible attention to realism these gun offer.

Since I can't comment too much on the shooting experience these Pellet Dan Wessons will offer, I can say I am impressed with how ASG did the redesign of the inner barrel and pellet loading shells. It is obvious that ASG didn't just grab some parts of the shelf and quickly modify a BB version to shoot Pellets. ASG did it right and you can see the new adapted parts are of high quality and are even an improvement over the BB versions in many ways. On paper the Pellet shooting Dan Wesson's should be more accurate especially out at further ranges than the BB shooting Dan Wesson's and the Pellet versions should also hit the target with more force since they shoot a heavier projectile at around the same fps as the 4.5mm Steel BB version.

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