Zip Range Shooting Target Kit

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Manufacturer: Zip Target
Type: Shooting Target kit
Range: 100 Ft
Kit Includes: Metal target holder, 2 x Pulleys, Target Clips, 4x Cinch straps, 200 Ft of 550 military-grade paracord, 1x Pack of paper targets


  • Set up a shooting range almost anywhere!
  • Perfect for Archery, Firearms, Paintballs, Throwing Knives, Slingshots, Nerf or anything other target Sports
  • Only need two attachment points - Use two trees, or a fence, can attach anywhere


  • Maximum range 100 feet

Comments: Enhance your skills with the motion target Zip Range. Zip Range is a quick setup and breakdown mobile range that can be safely used both indoors and outdoors.  Set it up in your backyard, field, or favorite spot in the woods and practice up to a 100 feet range effectively.

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