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Review posted by duce101st

What A Blast!

Solid heavy replica. Excellent quality & workmanship. Accuracy is ok but shoots high & to the left with a 3-4" grouping with a stray every now & then. But who needs accuracy when you flip that switch on the right side to "Rock & Roll" & the automatic option just kicks butt. I kept a grouping of about 3 foot @ full auto. The blow back at full auto most likely effects the grouping too but I sure wouldn't want to be at the other end of that 300fps plus steel storm & being a bad guy cause you'd be in a world of hurt. It's easy on the Co2 unexpectedly. About 3 clips full auto with some single shots still in it on a cold day really surprised me. Could of probably done 4 clips if it was warmer.

Review posted by duce101st

Amazing Replica!

I purchased this 1911 a few months ago.Very realistic with an accurate weight & design of the actual gun.The simulated weathering was excellent. I banged up the hand grips a little for more realism. Very accurate 2" grouping right out of the box @ 20 feet. My son is an avid gun owner & really had an eye for purchasing one of the actual hand gun. Prior to Thanksgiving I told him I had purchased one (not telling him it was a replica) & he couldn't wait to see it come the holiday. I wanted to see how long it would take for him to realize it was a BB gun. I told him I bought it at a gun show & got a good deal. I racked the slide then hit the release which sounds exactly like the actual 1911. He was in awe....until he looked down the barrel & seen the .177 cal. barrel within & that gave it away. But he still was amazed how real it looked & sounded. Grab one of these before the "Limited Editions" are gone.

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