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Review posted by Nickmatta484

Future winner

Well as the same as anyone who owns this gun. It would be my go to gun but when the trigger stops engaging and you hope it would be free shipping back to umerax noooo its 35 dollars i cant help it i deserve this gun priority its only 2 months old come on do i get a loner gun or something besides hurryup and wait n the attitude i got from them. anyway they would have a super winner if they put some better quality in it make it a gun guys a great gun if its ur job and u love it so heres to the future new steel to a great gun soon to be better a lot better

Review posted by sadonia2

Realistic looking

Full metal construction with plastic grips feels hefty in the hand. The magazine is a real pain to load. There is no catch to keep the spring follower open. You have to hold it down with a fingernail while you load the bbs. And the notch to grab the follower with your fingernail is tiny and hard to grasp. A very poorly designed loading system. The gun I received is extremely picky with the ammo that will work with it. I first tried Daisy Premium grade, zinc coated, ultra smooth bbs. These did not work at all. A bb would jam in the barrel every few shots. I had to stick a plastic rod down the barrel to get them out. There were constant double feeds as well. I thought the gun was defective. Then I tried the bbs that came with the gun and they worked well. No jams, but an occasional double feed. After that I tried Avanti Precision ground shot. These worked perfectly. So if your gun is like mine you might need to buy the expensive Avanti bbs for it. I didn't try any other bbs though. I get about 4 mags out of one CO2 cartridge. Accuracy is just average. My $20 airsoft pistol shoots as accurately as this gun. So don't expect much. The blowback is nice and the gun feels good in the hand. It looks nice and disregarding accuracy is fun to shoot with the correct ammo. I mainly bought it because I wanted a replica of a Russian Makarov. If you want an accurate pistol to practice with, I would choose something else.

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