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Review posted by bobhedges

Fun but faulty

I loved this BB gun. Looks great. Feels great. Shoots nicely. Easy to load. Inexpensive to operate. Will wow all your friends. Endles enjoyment, breaks. Therein is the reason for the "1" rating. Simply poor manufacturing. Go to Amazon and read all the 1 or 2 or 3 star reviews. Everyone loved the gun, but always had a catastrophic failure. Normally the trigger goes dead. Almost always within the first 1000 rounds. When you call Umarex they seem uninterested other than asking you to ship it back to them if it is still in the 90 warranty period. Shipping USPS cost me $17. This gun would be a perfect "5" if they could just make it to last. Maybe someday.

Review posted by Fritzkronenberg

Great replica luger

This gun has a few little quirks but all around a real nicely made and reliable pistol. Shoots accurately at close range like my basement shooting range. Also works really well if you don't load the mag completely full. I get 45 shots from one co2 cylinder which is still much cheaper than firing my 22lr Luger. This gun is also much easier on ones ears when shooting indoors. For shooting at targets indoors this gun is every bit as accurate as my Erma 22 Luger. This gun also doesn't jam like my jam-o-matic Erma. This gun looks great, is very reliable, plenty powerful for what I do and is surprisingly well made. Field stripping is simple if you know the trick of loosening the very small Allen screw that holds the pin that the very rear of the toggle pivots on and removing that pin to the left side of the gun. Do this after rotating the front takedown lever on the front of the frame downward and removing the magazine. One more thing, always load at least 2 bbs in the magazine, if only one it will just fall out.

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